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Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend – The Historical Perspective!

So you must probably be knowing what the content is going to talk about once you read the topic. Why dogs are man’s best friend? But we are not going to talk about the regular man-dog stuff here. You must have encountered this phrase, ‘Man’s best friend,’ quite a several times. With the quantum of vices growing largely in mankind, dogs are comparatively better than humans. However, we still have doubts regarding dogs and humans being besties. But where does this start? How is this possible? If dogs can be best friends, why not other animals? So these are some of the things that we are going to explore here:

What’s in history?

The relationship that human beings share with dogs is believed to have started 15000 years back. That being the case, with no cultural development and in the backdrop of zero technology, man was nothing more than a high-order animal. A hundred and fifty decades back the only productive thing that man was probably doing is to hunt. That’s how this complementary relationship began. A lot of people love dogs so much that they can’t wait to avail the kortingscode for new purchase of dog accessories.

While dogs were good at chasing and pinning down the prey, men were better at the killing task. But did I say dogs? It was wolves. Yes, back then before the evolution of dogs, wolves were man’s best companion. It is said that the ‘wolf to dog’ evolution took place over a period of 20,000 years. So the numerical values tally.


Dogs and humans both are social beings. They are not used to exist all alone, and they need companionship. This mutual expectation that men and dogs had brought them together. Though we fall in the superior category when compared to dogs, between the two, man was the beneficiary of the relationship. While dogs depended on men only for care and food, men were dependent on dogs in rescue jobs, protection, care, safety issues and much more.  If you want to buy affordable accessories for your pet dog, you can use discounts such as Lazada code for new members only or amazon coupon for your first purchase.

The affable and social nature of dogs always bring them together with human beings. Dogs don’t take offense. You shun a cat once, she will shun you forever, but if you shun a dog, the next morning you will see him wagging his tail right in front of the door. That is why they are friends with human beings.


There are also a lot of legends that talk about the beloved relationship that men had with dogs. The story of Odysseus and his dog Agros and the story of the Yudhristra shunning the gates of heaven only to stay with a dog, all speak about the relationship and dearness that men had towards dogs and dogs in turn. If you want to know more about it, you can purchase a book on online shops and use discount such as lazada voucher code for loyal customers.


Apart from this there a lot of other obvious and scientific reasons as to why dogs and men share a beautiful relationship. This, for sure, cannot happen with other animals but only dogs. We think we almost have answers to all the questions that we had before we began reading this. Now that there is adequate information regarding why dogs are man’s best friend, we will love them forever. If you want to share information about how to take care of pet dogs, you can build a website and search where to buy high quality website traffic that converts to get millions of visitors.